FlightSimLabs 官网被黑



Dear Flight Sim Labs,

The internet is a wonderful tool which has enabled communication on a worldwide scale and it’s use has accelerated our learning and advancement as a species.

Internet users share knowledge and opinions and where these differ, debates take place. People can choose to take the opinion of others, question them or give alternative opinions. The internet allows freedom of speech and expression and through that we can get to know what others feel or think about any subject rather than the echo of our own little bubble and world.

Flight Sim Labs recently tried to gag free speech on Reddit with passive-agressive threats of legal action simply because you did not like what was being said.

Many smaller platforms do not have the money, legal team or will to fight such threats and give in without a fight. Speech and publishing on the internet being dictated by those with more money to spend on lawyers and a legal team bothers me tremendously. This spreads outside of the internet and makes a joke of the laws and justice system of many countries and is a rot that needs resolving.

FSL has intentionally distributed malware with it’s product – Fact
FSL recently used malware tactics again, not learning from previous mistakes – Fact
FSL tried to cover this up and gag Reddit with legal threats and claims of libel – Fact
FSL customer user information is compromised – Fact

Now your customer and company data is compromised as a result of the way you treat your customers and the internet. Making a public apology for your wrongdoings, with no blame apportioned elsewhere or PR spin, would go a long way in to making sure the copy of product serial numbers along with associated customer data gets destroyed.

DRM and censorship are a scourge which hinders the development of mankind by limiting sharing of information. The people of the internet will always find a way to bypass both as they know freedom is more important than the profits of a business.

Love and hope for the future.


Multiple server pwnage. It is unforunate that one has to publish even this to pre-empt more hole digging denials and threats of lawyers from FSL. Published root mysql user password to show hashed passwords are not secure and easily reversible.

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